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Order Your CGSL Apparel!

Order Your CGSL Apparel!


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When my daughter pitches..

Being a parent of a pitcher for 10 years now, and being on all 3 sides of the fence(Parent, Coach, Umpire), I have seen and heard pretty much everything in this article.  I look back now with amusement and cringe at some of the things I've said myself as a parent and coach, and heard as an official(still to this day).  I'm sure this phase will always be there, which is not necessarily a bad thing, its all in how your daughter responds afterwards.

Have a read, and see if this is you in the stands.

When My Daughter Pitches

I hope it brings a smile to your face as much as it did me.

Speaking now as a parent, enjoy this time with your daughters.  My daughter is a pitcher going into her Senior year of College, and it has gone by in a flash.



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